Easy Halloween Felt Garland

Sep 06, 2022
Easy halloween felt garland kids craft

Your child can make this easy Halloween felt garland with just a few supplies and it takes no time at all! You can use this same process for other fun shapes to make garlands for every holiday, how fun is that! Click here to get your printable PDF of the templates and instructions. 

Supplies needed:

•Felt (orange and green for the pumpkins and white and black for the ghost) You can get about 9 pumpkins and about 8 ghosts per 9x12” sheet of felt if you are using the template included.

•Glue (white school glue, hot glue, even glue sticks can work)

•Thread/embroidery floss


•Scissors (paper and fabric)


How to:

1. Print the template, and cut out the pieces

2. Trace or pin the templates to your felt pieces, and cut out the felt pieces.


3. Glue the eyes onto the ghosts and the stems onto the pumpkins.

4. Thread your needle, there is no need to knot or cut the end of the thread attached to the spool until you decide how long you want the garland.

5. Sew a large stitch through your first piece and then continue with all of the garland pieces.

6. When it is the length you like, cut the thread and hang!

This easy Halloween felt garland is an easy project to create and it adds some fun to any room! If you or your child makes the garland please tag me so I don't miss them! @elevation_handmade 

Happy Crafting!

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