How to make a tassel and what to do with them!

Aug 23, 2022
how to make a tassel

I will show you how to add a tassel to your fabric bookmark that was in last week's post. If you want to make a tassel for something else just attach it to the loop you create for your project. I will give you some ideas at the end of the post! Click here to get your FREE printable tassel instruction sheet.


What you will need to make a tassel:

  • Yarn or embroidery thread
  • scissors


Let's get started!


1. Wrap your yarn about 20-30 times(more=thicker, less=thinner) around your fingers (more fingers=longer) tassel, less=shorter tassel, this is personal preference, test it out and see what you like better. I used a thin yarn size 1 or fingering depending on the yarn brand. 


2. Cut a piece of yarn about 5-6" long, put it through the center of the yarn loop you created, then place it through the loop on top of the bookmark and tie a knot at the top. Bring one side of the knot you created to the top and tie a double knot.


3. Cut a 10-12" piece of yarn to create the tassel’s head, wrap the yarn around 5-10 times and create a knot at the end, leaving the ends long enough to go into the tassel.




4. Using sharp scissors cut the bottom of all of the loops, and trim to your liking.


Now that you know how to make tassels, let's talk about some fun ways to use tassels!

1. Bookmarks (click here to get your free fabric bookmark pattern)

2.  Jewelry-necklaces or earrings.

4. Keychains.

5. On the corners of a pillow.

6. Garland (you could do different colors for each holiday, or party!)

Happy Crafting!



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