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Crafts to connect with your kids

Clay Succulent

This adorable model magic clay succulent can add a decorative personal touch to any area. I love that this project can be made in less than an hour and the clean-up is minimal!

supply list for model magic clay succulents:

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step-by-step instructions to make a model magic clay succulent pot:

  1. Place your parchment paper on your working surface. Model magic clay will stick to itself, so be aware of this when you are ready to attach the pieces.
  2. Get a piece of clay to create your pot, this can be whatever size you want, I used the size of a large marshmallow for mine. Roll your pot into a short cylinder shape.

3. Take small pieces of clay, about the size of a pencil eraser and create tear drop shapes for the leaves of the plant.

4. Add your leaves around the top of the pot, when you have one layer, add the next round of leaves staggered and placed between the ones before. Repeat until you reach the top and create one last leaf and add it to the middle.

5. Let your succulent pot dry completely, it usually takes 24 hours.

6. Paint the leaves, and if you have time let it dry so it is easier to paint the bottom. For the bottom I mixed white with black to create a grey color. Let it dry completely.

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