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Crafts to connect with your kids

Conversation Heart Clay Tray

conversation heart clay tray

Let’s create a Model Magic Conversation Heart Tray!

Who doesn’t love conversation heart candies? Well this easy Conversation Heart Clay Tray Valentine’s Day project will be a great gift for anyone who loves collecting treasures, or loves jewelry. This heart tray would be a great way to store your favorite earrings or rings all while having a handmade gift with a heart felt message from someone they love. Imagine your loved ones as they put their treasures into a tray that you made just for them, they will think of you every time they use it!

You can use this tutorial to do a classic conversation heart tray or add your personal touch as you create your heart clay tray. With easy-to-follow steps and a printable to help, you’ll be able to bring some more love to your friends and family this Valentine’s Day. Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed to make your conversation heart clay tray:

  • Model Magic Clay-a variety of colors (colors of the classic conversation heart candies)
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Paper plate/bowl
  • Paper towels-1 damp, 1 dry
  • Letter stamps
  • Paintbrush
  • Wax paper, or parchment paper

step-by-step instructions to make your own clay conversation heart tray

1. Start to shape your clay into a heart shape, a point at the bottom, and two rounded edges on the top. As you are shaping your heart start to pull up the edges so you are creating a shallow dish.

2. Once you have the tray how you like it, take your rubber letter stamps, and stamp a message into the bottom of the tray. Ideas for messages: XOXO, love you, be mine, cutie, hug me.

3. Add a small amount of red paint to a plate/dish, and paint into the grooves of your message, it does not have to be a lot of paint.

4. Quickly take your damp paper towel and wipe clean the paint from around the message, you want it to only be in the grooves of the letters. Use the dry paper towel as needed.

5. Let your tray dry completely and then you can give it to your Valentine to store little treasures with this fun conversation heart clay tray.

Commonly Asked Questions about the Conversation Heart Clay Tray:

What is the difference between air-dry clay and model magic?

Air-dry clay hardens to a durable solid and becomes stronger with time. It is more messy, and you can add water to make it workable if it dries out. Model Magic clay is an air-drying modeling compound that remains lightweight and somewhat flexible even when dry, you can’t add water to make it moldable again.

Does Model Magic dry hard?

Model Magic will dry down to a soft, spongy texture. Model Magic clay is so easy to work with and the cleanup is a breeze!

Can you put Model Magic in the oven?

Do not put model magic in the oven, it will air dry.

This conversation heart clay tray is a fun, easy, and quick project for kids to make for all of their Valentine’s gifts this year. I love that they are cute and functional to put small treasures, jewelry, and more. You only need a few items to get started with this cute craft. I can’t wait to see all of the fun trays you and your kids make this Valentine’s Day.

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Happy Crafting!

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