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Crafts to connect with your kids

Model Magic Turkey Place Card Holder

cute turkey crafts for your Thanksgiving table decor!

One of the best moments of Thanksgiving is when you come to the table for the big meal with those you love and care about. Add a little extra personal touch to your Thanksgiving table setting with these adorable Model Magic Turkey Place Card Holders. With easy to follow steps and a printable to help with this fun turkey craft, you’ll be able to bring some more love to your table place settings. Let’s get started!

Supplies needed for your turkey place card holders:

  • Model Magic clay-brown (turkey body), orange, red, yellow (feathers)
  • Googly eyes (2)
  • Felt scraps-orange and red
  • White school glue
  • Clothes pin
  • Wooden flat circle (base)
  • Small cardstock with name on it
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pen/marker
  • Paper scissors

step-by-step instructions to make your own clay turkey craft:

  1. Start with the brown clay and make the turkey head (sphere) and a larger sphere for the body, you will want to flatten out the bottom of the turkey body so it can stand later. Attach the head to the body. The turkey head/body should be as tall as the clothespin.
create a sphere, flatten bottom, and then make another sphere for the head

2. Create the feathers, (6) total. Create thin oval shapes with pointed ends. Let the turkey body and the feathers dry completely.

create different colored feathers for turkey, leaf shaped

3. Cut a beak out of the yellow felt scrap, cut a triangle, and then round off the top two corners. Cut a wattle out of red felt, a long rectangle with wavy edges.

cut waddle out of red felt

4. Glue the the googly eyes, beak and wattle to the clothes pin. Make sure the part of the clothes pin that opens is facing up.

attach, waddle, beak and googly eyes to clothes pin with white school glue

5. Once the turkey, feathers, and clothes pin has dried you can attach all the pieces. Glue the feathers to the back of the turkey and the clothes pin to the middle front of the turkey. Finally, glue the entire turkey to the wooden circle base.

using white school glue attach feathers, clothes pin, and round wooden base

6. Let your turkey dry completely and then you can create your place cards with the names of the guests for Thanksgiving.

finished turkey clay place card holders finished with name cards added

Commonly Asked Questions for this fun Thanksgiving craft:

How to make easy place cards?

Canva is a great tool that offers various templates to help you create fast and easy place cards.

What size should table place cards be?

2” x 3.5” is the standard size for table place cards.

Does Model Magic go bad?

Opened Model Magic can be stored in an air-tight container but should be used within a few days, as it is designed to dry and harden over a brief period of time.

Can you wet Model Magic clay?

Exposure to water and outdoor elements will have a negative effect on Model Magic, so we recommend displaying your sculpture indoors.

Great job on creating these adorable Model Magic Turkey Place Card Holders. These homemade cuties are sure to be a hit! As you place them on your Thanksgiving table, imagine the smiles they’ll elicit and the conversations they’ll spark. Each unique turkey becomes a tangible expression of creativity and togetherness. They even make for a perfect parting gift for your family and guests to take home with them. Enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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