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Crafts to connect with your kids

Trick or Treat Tote Bags-Two Choices!

Let’s make a trick-or-treat bag!

What better way to gear up for the spooktacular celebration of Halloween and Trick or Treating than by indulging in a bewitching and creative DIY project! Say goodbye to store-bought plastic buckets and embrace a personalized touch of these trick-or-treat bags to your Halloween festivities. With two design options, these Trick Or Treat bags are a great way to add an extra spooky touch to your Halloween candy collection. Unleash your creativity as we infuse these bags with Halloween charm, ensuring they’re not just carriers but essential accessories for a night of candy-filled fun!

supply list for trick-or-treat bags:

step-by-step instructions to make a trick-or-treat bag:

  1. Place your scrap paper inside your tote bag to prevent the two sides from sticking.
  2. Cut out all the pieces of your template. Frankenstein-(face, bolts, hair) OR Mummy-(outer eye, inner eye).
cut out template for frankenstein

3. Trace them onto the felt pieces.

trace template onto felt

4. Cut all felt pieces out.

cut out felt pieces

5. Thread your needle with the embroidery floss you want to use for accents. I used all six strands. Tie a knot at the end and start in the back of your felt to hide the knot.

sew on accents, and stitch lines to frankenstein

6. Optional: Stitch an outline around the face using the running stitch. Glue or sew the eyes on the face (I sewed mine on). When you need a new thread, make sure to make a loop in the back and tie a knot to secure it.

stitch around face using a running stitch

7. I used 3-6 strands of black embroidery floss for the smile and stitches using the backstitch.

stitch "stitches" and smile

8. Once all the pieces have their accents you can glue them to your tote bag. I find that you need quite a bit of glue to secure the pieces. Add the glue to the back of your felt pieces and place it on your bag.

glue felt to the front of your bag

9. If you are doing the mummy bag, you will do the same process by cutting out the eyepieces, and then I just cut strips of white felt and placed them randomly on my bag and glued them down as I went. I did not use any accent stitching on the mummy bag.

mummy bag, eyeballs, and wrapping

10. Let the glue dry completely and you have a new trick or treat tote bag!

let the glue dry, all pieces, hair, bolts, face/eyes stitches


Can I wash the Trick or Treat bag with felt designs?

It’s recommended to hand wash or spot clean the bag to preserve the felt designs. If machine washing is necessary, use a gentle cycle and place the bag in a mesh laundry bag.

Can I combine felt designs with other embellishments, such as fabric paint or markers?

Yes, feel free to get creative! Combining different crafting techniques can result in unique and personalized Trick or Treat bags.

Can I use the Trick or Treat bags for purposes other than Halloween candy collection?

Certainly! These bags can double as reusable shopping bags, library totes, or even everyday carryalls, making them versatile beyond the Halloween season.

These Trick Or Treat bags, crafted with care and adorned with Halloween charm, are more than just carriers for candy—they’re reminders of the joyous anticipation of the quest for treats. Whether swinging from the eager hands of little trick-or-treaters or gracing the shoulders of the young-at-heart, these handmade treasures carry not just sweets, but the spirit of Halloween and the joy of crafting memories together. Here’s to a night of hauntingly delightful adventures and a Halloween filled with endless fun and laughter!

Pinterest image with frankenstein and mummy bag

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